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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

It rained!

hanging blue by ultraBobban
hanging blue, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

So after nearly 4 weeks of no rain, the heavens opened tonight as I was rounding Brockwell Park and towards Brixton. Having only run in my (fairly) new Inov8s in the dry, I have learned to avoid manhole covers!

I had a brief catch up with Spenser who I spied on the SDW100 entrants this morning.....cheeky fella! In the back on my mind I had a feeling that he would be going for it! Now I see he is! I must make plans to have a joint run over the next few weeks to discuss the event at length.

My legs had, like Jerry's, taken a pounding after running well in excess of 26 miles on Saturday so a Sunday off relaxing, eating and drinking was good tonic. Although I am on Easter hols this week and next, I am at work for only 6 hours a day this week, giving me plenty of time to catch up with friends and go for some runs. Having said that, last night was wedding ring shopping so no running allowed!

I was pleased with my 22 miles this evening. I had planned to run about 15 but felt that the weekend needed driving from my quads. Minimalist flats on, I ran out into Kent briefly, returning to quaff a can of coke and run with DPR. I was intending to run the handicap but got into good conversation with Chris and Richard; the former returning well from injury, the latter looking for a recovery run following his 1.24 half marathon PB at Paddock Wood on Sunday. The proposed 8s was soon broken and at 7.23s found myself at the back, hanging on but not out of breath. I think that I need a bit of mind over matter when running with my 6.30s running buddies. I used to be that fast......I need now to regain it!

Anyway I said to the guys that I would drop off the back and 8.30s it back to the club as I was feeling tired. 2 mins of running at 8s and I returned to catch the group and felt better.

22 miles in the legs on a Tuesday is an odd feeling, as usually I have too much work. I need to make a mental note that I should do more of this.

Up for debate this weekend is the Compton Downland 40....hmmmm not sure as might take a while to get there and back and even longer to recover. I might choose to run local and back to back over the weekend to get in some big miles over the weekend, or there is a Go Beyond Marathon in Northampton......however too far to travel when weddings have to be paid for.

What I am loving is the conversion to minimalist shoes.......I might even get a pair of MT100s!


  1. Visions of an impromptu Compton 40 have been blown out of my chalk encrusted plans due to family needs and a rather large leg of lamb (with roast pots). However , I see two bank holidays drawing near that need their early mornings filling

  2. Which Flats are you running in Rob?

  3. Inov8 roads.....I'm going to drop down to a pair of Bare X-lites soon, I have just been getting used to the no-heel-feel. I can tell you.....I like it. Touch wood, no injuries, even on a 22 mile run

  4. Bit like running in the old plimsoles we all had to have for PE back in the day, we were in minimalist shoes in the early 80's and didn't even know it.