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Monday, 9 April 2012

Planning for the run tomorrow

Tired legs today with a 9 mile run in the wind and squally showers with Beardo. Here is a man who can yo-yo with his body mass from 10.5 stone to todays 12.7stone on our run. I only ran with him in December and he has put on 2 stone by exercising lots and not drinking beer or eating chocolate (I lie!) but is getting back in shape.

I have just packed a bag for tomorrow. The only day that looks OK in terms of weather and I am off on a self supported expedition.

Run down to Bromley South
Train to Otford.
Run along the North Downs Way through Kemsing, Wrotham, Vigo and down to either Rochester or Chatham and then run the next leg on my next mission.
Train back to Bromley and then a run home from the station.

The idea is to get in 20+ miles of hard cross country running with hopefully about 2-3000ft of gradients to traverse. It is definitely a trail shoes day as it has been raining here all day today so let us see what the day holds in store. Add in the run from Bromley and back and I feel 30 or so miles should be in the bag if all goes well.

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  1. I know that stone, it is just past our turn around point last Saturday. Have a great run tomorrow, I will out for a 34 mile run on NDW this weekend but in a different location...