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Sunday, 8 April 2012

NDW Easter Sunday morning run

I took out a cheeky little Panasonic camera instead of the gargantuan Canon 5D to capture a morning of trail running. Mrs UB and I drove to Otford, rather than the start of the run i did with Jerry last week; a) because there was less road and her Inov8 Lady Roclites are not great on road, and; b) to explore a part of the NDW that I not been on before. It might be the start of becoming my playground!

We parked up in Otford and headed past the station and up, up up the big climb onto the Downs, settling into a nice pace. Unlike our night run when company was our own, we frequently passed walkers and ramblers, eagerly perambulating towards Sunday lunch. Rich was the carpet of flora that brightened up our damp and drizzly day. Anemone blanda, Myosotis, Bluebell and the start of the smell of wild garlic interspersed with the sting of good old friend; Urtica, the nettle.

The ridge from Otford to Kemsing soon gave way to an undulating path towards Wrotham, we accidentally went off course owing to a lack of finger post and a large group of walkers heading up the hill from imposing St Clere House, built by the father of Anne Boleyn. It was a grand vista, but back on track we headed down towards Wrotham, traversing down the steep slope and onto the Pilgrim's Way. I do like this part of the downs but would prefer to stay up on the top for the views.

As an out and back course, we solemnly turned to retrace our steps and aside, from a brain-off-brakes-off whizz down Kemsing Down, scaring the shit out of some walkers, it was off to the Crown in Otford for a quick pint of bitter to re-energise and then off for Mrs UBs legendary home made Cornish Pasty for lunch. Heavy legs again as near on 2,000ft of ascent and plenty of mud too!


  1. That is an excellent route, one I have taken many a time. I was running up to Knockholt then parallel to the NDW to duck down a few paths back to Orpington. Glad you had a great time.

    1. I would like to do the Otford to Lenham 27 mile route then get the train back to Bromley....