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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Stressed.Wet. Tired.....Happy birthday?

deep seated urban decay by ultraBobban
deep seated urban decay, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

Well as birthday weeks go, it has been pretty hard work. I've found running a real challenge with some stressful and long days at work, late evenings returning home. Usually a splash around the mean streets of South London is just the tonic to liven my spirits and put a spring in my step but this week it was too much to pull on the waterproofs and get out.

In actual fact I should look on the bright side. More time at home in the evenings and a bit of recovery time before the double marathon next weekend. But it's never like that is it? I feel like I am putting on weight, I feel slow and lethargic.

Having said that, a 17 mile wet plod this morning started to lighten up at about mile 14 and I felt better. I should have stayed out another 5-6 miles but with chores to do and then a birthday lunch to go to in a mo, I need ed to curtain the run. The first 3 with Mrs UB to the running club and to run the beginners course, Eric joining us and then dropping the beautiful Mrs UB back at the house and then off to do more miles with Eric. I still managed 40 for the week though.

So its off for a drinking session now. Cider O'clock! Next week will need to see a change of priorities and I need to commit to a better training and eating schedule and importantly.....leave work on time!

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