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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Race Report... VLM

Not that I ran the race today, but reportage on my dearest friends who completed the course in our Capital's fairest streets.

Tappo, "Legend" went off at 6.10s which is a 2.45 pace. He was running at about 400th at this pace, but all of the people in front of him had either orange or green shoes so we weren't sure. However, he looked like a Trojan and had plenty in the tank at this point.
Richard went past and at mile 7, when I had spent most of my time with St Austell Running Club, planning random ultras, Rich went past at 6.47s looking like some sort of MACHINE! Rich joined the club as a timid 9 min miler (as Lily told me today) and has progressed to a 6.50s warrior. Not only that, he lives about 500m from me so occasionally I try to run home from the club with him....but I can't keep up!.

Rich hit top speed and was going for a sub 3. Nearly, nearly as we saw him at 21 and was gunning for that until he hit an 8.55 mile that scuppered him somewhat. By the finish, a 3.05 was in the bag! Amazing work.


Tappo. Legend (who gave a litre of bone marrow a couple of weeks ago....slipped from a 2.45 marathon to a 'mare with a 39 min 5k. Luckily he did not repeat Berlin and finished, but in 3.27. However at the EV bar afterwards, was quite quickly on the booze. Ace!

Tom whizzed past next. Woolly is in the midst of transcontinental flights, stag parties, house buying and as such, states that his training is off pace. 2.59 last year and this year taking it easy and really enjoying himself, the "dude" runs in a relaxed 3.19
In next was the winner of all trophies in the club, Spenser. Did he go out too fast? Perhaps. He was close to Woolly after 7......but what I like about Spen is his resilience and the fact that he has run some tough marathons over the last few weeks, whereas everyone else is using this as a goal race, means that his fitness is right up there. Get in! 3.32 on the day

Then comes the club stalwart Tom P.......running well inside a PB, he eventually went on to run 3.33. Never without a smile on his face. Phenomenal!

Hard work on the marathon is made in the final few miles. Last time I saw Jason on the 26.2 mile strip, he was sporting Disney plasters on his nips and drinking Stella afterwards. Straight out of the traps, one wonders what this nutter could really do with some training. I think 3.15, with his build. Total legend. Even though he drives a people carrier. Get back to the club fella!

Where do I go from here? Tom H ran a 4.09, Di ran a world record in a Bernie Clifton fancy dress. John Clarke didn't get arrested and Nathalie finished her first marathon.......amazing!

So. Back to training for me and a hard fast 80-90k this week. Rock on!

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  1. Always nice to be blogged about! I had a great time, and so nice to see you (with Mrs UB and Lily) at mile 7, and also the great number of DPR members supporting and marshalling. I didn't quite get the time I was aiming for, but a real improvement from last time, and a fantastic day out (and so glad it didn't rain!). Sorry I didn't make it to EV - had a big family get-together. Tom P