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Saturday, 21 January 2012

It's all in the timing

what time is it? by ultraBobban
what time is it?, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

Knowing that I had not left work before 7.30pm on Thursday and Friday, hope for a run after 13 hours at school both days was pretty slim. Not that the break was not a good idea......I was feeling it after 61 miles in 4 days, all with much hill work!

This morning I ran up to Crystal palace Parkrun, not to race but to marshal. I was surprised to be handed a large box emblazoned with Tag Heuer and instructed to be the official timer for the race. All went well although looking at the field, I was a little green with envy that I did not run, as the field would have enabled me a top 7/8 finish. However it was on to bigger things and after a couple of bacon and tomato butties back home I ran up to Sydenham and Dulwich Woods to meet Tom P for a run to Richmond Park. This was not a direct run, as that would involve the smoky, smoggy South Circular. Instead, we took an alternative route, via Brockwell, Brixton, Battersea and Barnes. On this route we put the world to rights and ran into the 20+ mile and hour headwind and drizzle, heads held high in the knowledge that in 4 hours we would have high tea at the Bank of England Social Club. The run took in as many parks as we could traverse, followed by a saunter along the amazing Thames Path into the brutal headwind.

Roehampton Gate was upon us in no time and we paused for a cup of tea before the race. A gentle trot to the start and a big hello to our fellows from the running club and it was off on the 5 mile Bank of England XC championship run. Tappo, Tom W and Dave streaked ahead of me and I was surprised to be able to keep up with Spenser as my watch ticked over 20 miles for the day, uphill, into the wind through the park. I felt like the race had hardly started and I was haring down to the finish in 7s to cross the line before the Ranleagh Harrier who was trying to draft me over the last mile.

An about turn over the finish line and I ran back a mile to join Mrs UB and we ran the last part together. Not long after, it was tie for tea and cakes. Over the last 3 years, the spread has diminished somewhat. The tea and scones were wolfed down but the sandwiches were not up to the usual standard. Perhaps the Euro crisis and the economic downturn have heralded the demise in the quality of Her Majesty's high tea. A warmdown run was needed to round off an excellent training day of 26 miles.

315km for the month so far and I feel as strong as I did in the 3 weeks leading up to the Ridgeway in 2010. I can't believe I have run 135km this week, despite being the busiest week of school in many, many weeks. I do worry about the old saying; Pride comes before a fall, but I am feeling in the best form in ages. Here's to hoping...and also here's to the amazing and gorgeous Mrs UB who I know supports me millions!

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  1. You are putting me to shame at the moment as I have been knocking out the hours at work but just can't seem to find the time to fit it all in at the moment. I am going to try and get a few miles in today at a nice slow plod (read as my usual, slow plod)