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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

When Immune and Ultrabobban met Jezza and Celtic Tiger

It might seem like an odd title to start my blog this evening but these are odd friends> I don't mean odd in a bad way, quite the contrary! We must be a few tokens short of a pop up toaster to choose to run 30 miles in -2 conditions across the muddy, hilly North Downs when we could quite easily be having a Sunday morning lie in.

This is the moment when we surprisingly caught old hands Jezza and George who had set off an hour before. Jerry was nursing some sort of Delhi Belly. Poor sod!

Anyway there is some swearing so be warned!

A nice 10.5 mile club run tonight so 53 miles in the last 3 days and feeling much stronger now. I am close to feeling ready for the Thames Trot 50. There will be no taper and no easy week before the TT50. That will come afterwards. it will likely be close to a 100 mile week. Can't wait!

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