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Sunday, 1 January 2012

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Starting 2012 the right way was on the cards from the moment I awoke from hungover slumber. The round-the-world party last night went down really well, starting with Chinese and travelling through Europe and finally ending up in dear old Blighty with our very own tasting (scoffing) menu which included a guest appearance from Maria’s boyfriend Charles who until recently worked at Le Manoir aux Quats’Saisons making a marvellous chocolate tart with parsnip ice cream and alcohol infused jellies. Wow! I didn’t mind ending the evening with my home made Cornish pasties and cider though! Eric and I quaffed our last drink before the last of the crowd left and I climbed into bed at 3am
This, coupled with the 2 (!) recycling boxes filled with bottles did nothing for my New Year hangover. Luckily Mrs UB drove to the New Year Serpentine 10k this morning. “you still smell of booze” she commented as we pulled into Hyde park at 10.30am this warm but damp New Year’s morning. Luckily I was one of 9 from the running club who had turned up for duty. I was definitely the worst for wear. I bumped into Ultra Legend Helen Smith at the start. I have to take my hat off to her as she is a total star…….who is going for 4 x 100 milers this year and has enough points to qualify for UTMB about 3 times over!
Starting off running with Mrs UB for the first mile at 10s and feeling like I was about to be sick, I felt safe in the knowledge that there was no chance of a PB. Feeling perkier, I accelerated through the mud whilst everyone kept to the pathway and dodged the puddles, much to the amusement of the excellent Serpentine marshals. I ran with Bernard for a while at 8.15s, then Lucreta and then decided I would put a spurt on and by about 7k into the event, I started to feel a bit better and knocked off the last 3k in 7.40, 7.00 and then 6.03! Then the feeling of nausea and headache came back which was fine as I was safe in the knowledge that this was my first 10k in 3 years and a perfect way to start the year off. Cake and banter afterwards and a nice chilled out afternoon on the sofa beckons.....and some free socks for all finishers!
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