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Friday, 17 February 2012

Crossing the capital....up all manner of streets

I'll be getting lost on Sunday. Mark my words. It is a given.

This week has been a fruitful one, in terms of running, but also one of missed opportunities. 92km for the week was OK, and with a long run coming up on Sunday, I am sure that I will be best placed to enjoy the outing. I do feel that i could have run another 50km though!

How about the weather? Last week I was in 4 layers with gloves and my run yesterday was close on 12 degrees, a massive 16 degree rise in temperature and I found myself sweating like the proverbial......having to ditch layers around my waist like a mental washerwoman! I do enjoy running when it is either really cold or really hot. Having said that, my new Haglofs running jacket arrived this week and is awesome......weighing in at just over 150g it feels like I am not wearing for the slight SWI........SSSSSSSSSHHHHH of my arms pumping away.

This morning, Mrs UB and I went on a run together. in fact, it is the longest run we have been on together for some time and it was good. Out into Kent and via some gargantuan houses in the Beckenham area and back through wood and glade of Beckenham Place Park. I never underestimate how amazing it is to run with Mrs UB. She glides along engaging in chit-chat for miles. Then she turns round and states that I am running too slow for her and I should be running much faster so she can "catch me".....and have a workout.

That said, all was awesome in the UB stable where we completed a round of SE London and Kent together. Amazing!

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