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Monday, 13 February 2012

Plodding the streets of the Big Smoke

After a few days of socialising and spending time with the family-in-law in Liverpool and only a small foiree into the mean streets around the East Prescot Road, I arrived back into the Big Smoke with the intention of plodding the streets of Londinium tonight.

Little did I envisage that my day would be so busy with chores that all I could muster was a quick cup of builders tea as hydration then hitting the streets for 17 miles of running.

You might recall those times where you run, walk or drive for an age and arrive at your destination and think......shit.......I don't recall most of my journey. That was me tonight. I afforded a glace at the Garmin's version of events and came to the realisation that I had run almost the same roads twice at the beginning and conclusion of my 17 miles. Not only that, but I blasted down the hill towards home feeling thirsty. Now, London being London, I usually carry a couple of quid for a bottle of juice or whatever. I arrived home with the notion I had not a drop of sustenance, save for the rain on my face!

Well, at least I have another day of long runs tomorrow as I meet with the Chairman of the world's largest advertising agency under the cloak of CSR. I am working on strategy for my beloved school. Prior to that I have to run back rom taking the car for a service, go into the West end, lucheon, then return, run back to pick the car up and then run to the running club.....all being well I will see my Valentine clad in Lycra and wicking fabric...immense!

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