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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Spotted Dog

Spotted Dog by ultraBobban
Spotted Dog, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

My morning run was superb! After a 4 mile round trip to the pub with Mrs UB last night in the snow, it was nice to pull on the Peregrines and exorcise the demons.

Readers will note the the last time UB set foot in snow, the wheels came off, or so to speak. A broken leg in 3 places was the misfortune. My theme this morning was the Green Chain Link. Canon 5d in OMM rucksack and 2 pairs of socks on, I tentatively set off, aiming for parks and pathways to avoid gritted roads in my trail shoes.

A few shots reeled off at each vista and the only feedback for running this morning in shorts...."You're brave" from the non-running fraternity.

Onto greater things and a snowball fight in darkest Kent followed by lunch at the Spotted Dog. Chiddingstone cider aside, a wonderful afternoon was had by the two car fulls of family and friends who celebrated Mrs UB's birthday in style. Running is taking a back seat for 48 hours as I prepare for the biggest interview of my life. I am utterly bricking it.....not because anything other than I think the job is perfect and the necessary promotion may allow Mrs UB to have a longer maternity leave........but not util the sound of tiny UBs are on the way....and that wont be until after the wedding. However, I am suitably nerve-wracked and bereft of finger nails. Normally one would go out for a 15 mile run to calm the nerves but I have opted for an early night and the comfort of my book; 42 Peaks, the story of the Bob Graham Round. If all goes well, I would live to do this next year.


  1. OMG Rob the last sentence is a tad worrying "If all goes well, I would live to do this next year." :-) I am assuming you would "like" to do the BGR next year ;-)

  2. 4 mile round trip and hereto on snow.Ho ho.Very good result.But then you are right marathoner.