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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Team UB

Mr and Mrs UB by ultraBobban
Mr and Mrs UB, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.
When does a light week become a mission?

It becomes a mission when there are some things in life more important than running!

What? I hear you cry from the comfort of your IPad on the sofa, spilling your gin and slim all over the cat! Preposterous!! How can the doyen of Ultras be spouting such nonsense?

Point 1: Mrs UB has a birthday on Saturday and had agreed to crew. Exceptionally amazing and all other weekend plans are in place to celebrate including dinner, pressies etc and the weekend of said birthday does not require navigation around sweaty male ultramarathoner and requires much TLCness

Point 2: Massive, massive 2 day job interview from Monday and the requirement to spend the weekend prepping and planning is essential

Point 3: Massive, massive job interview requires me to have all faculties about me and a 50 miler often leaves me wanting in terms of mental and physical capabilities.

Point 4: my current amazing and fabulous job is huge at the moment and I have so many things to be getting on with that I haven't even route planned, shopped or even got my kit in order!

As you can see, I am in a state of mental anguish....but there will be other 50s. I have never pulled out of a race like this before. But I need to. I absolutely need to. There will be other days to strive to succeed in our beautiful world of ultramarathoning. If I get this right.....Mrs UB will have a longer maternity leave when we have little UBs!

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  1. Right decision mate based on the things above. Life boils down to a few moments and this is one of them :0) Good luck.