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Monday, 20 February 2012

Recovery run and reflection

Stop Cocks by ultraBobban
Stop Cocks, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.
I aimed to leave work at a sensible hour today as I wanted to get a slow recovery run in after the 50km yesterday.

Results were out for the London Ultra and a surprising 27th place for me from what seemed like a quick first half of the field.

Getting the machine cranked up, taking in Crystal Palace hill, I soon realised that I am in perfect working order. Granted, I only trotted out for 9km, but I had work to be getting on with when I arrived home.

Recovery was a nice smooth 8.30s with no niggles or issues. A little stiffness soon warmed out of my legs and my thoughts turned to the "overdressed" yesterday. I wonder how many thousands of pounds of equipment was being paraded round by the "bravado" at the start. Dearest Reader, I do not often get mad about these things, and I am not mad...but the thought of all of the accouterments attached to these poor fellows could have only served to weigh down their heavy hearts as well as weary legs, posing the question upon arrival at home....."why does one take 20 energy gels to a race?" This was very different to the hard and fast MdS'ers who were indeed; a) hard b) fast!

I will be back for this event and others like it. I think it is fantastic that so many are attracted to this amazing sport (way of life) but get a grip. Stop mouthing off at the start of a race about how good you are. Stop dressing like a cock! Stop Cocks!


  1. Rob, from what I cam tell there were quite a few newbie runners in this run yesterday and a few corporate sponsored places. With that in mind that was probably why there was all "the kit" and the fact it was a road race. Give me a trail run any day, I hate all that commercialism and pomp.
    BTW, well done on a pleasing time yesterday, exactly how many changes of clothing and shoes did you take? ;-D

  2. Hello, yes I'm one of the newbies [though I had a small camelbak, which might just meet your approval ;)] I hope you had fun and didn't get too wound up by people with the wrong kit; we all have to start somewhere! Happy trails.

    1. Thanks both. As you know I am a greater fan of the train run. Well done yesterday Rowena. I sometimes have a rant about these sorts of things but it is all tongue in cheek!

    2. Hope You are recovering well