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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Feeling hemmed in

Hindsight is the best teacher on earth. Wanting to run the TT50 should have been the way to do this and not letting the job interview rule over what I had been training for is a lesson learned this week.

All work and no play makes UB a dull boy. Indeed it does. Hindsight should have told me to relax and carry on my normal daily routine and not be fazed by such things. Now I have some making up to do. Socialising, reading, doing things with Mrs UB and running must go up the agenda on my weekly to-do list! Otherwise I'll become institutionalised and boring.

So, it is hats off to my fellow DPR running mate Spenser, who secretly ran the TT50 without telling me. Bastard! But well done as this was to my knowledge, his longest run ever, so well done in getting a 50 under your belt. How much money am I going to wager on his appearance at the SDW100?

It's back to business tonight with some stress busting angry hills. This is a simple workout when there is a late finish from work. Find hills, vent anger! If you find any flats, turn around and run the hills again. or else! I managed some serious hill work and all of the ups were 7.45s or less. The downs.....I was too scared to look at the watch while on ice-watch!

Amazing how a run can make you feel better. Now I have an ultra and a marathon at the end of the month. Bring it on!

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  1. GGrrrrr, after aborting my ultra on Saturday due to the weather front coming in I haven't run since due to late night lecturing, I am climbing the walls. Still, I have a few days to run this week and will take it out on the track on Thursday night.