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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Running in the cold

It was -4 degrees this morning and I should have been in Oxford where I hear it was colder. I am now getting more prepared for my job interview on Monday by taking an afternoon run around the neighbourhoods and estates around the school.

As a reader you may ask.....what is the point of this? I am approaching this Deputy Headship post with vim and vigour whilst opting for something of a rigorous approach to learning about the area around the school. In South East London there are areas of high affluence; for example Dulwich Village and East Dulwich close by. As you traverse towards the Thames at Greenwich there are pockets of City worker gentrified streets and large gardersn. Travel East and the post-war concrete tenement facades take pride of place next to dilapidated terraced housing and 70s and 80s housing association blandness. Jobs are harder to come by, urban deprivation and the symptomatic greyness of unkempt streets, dog shit all over the pavements, rubbish piling up in the streets and the plethora of angry young men with angry dogs gather on street corners, congregating to update Facebook status' and plan the next booze and weed run.

During this short run of steep hills coming out of the Thames basin, Mrs UB and I dodged the canine copra, bins and mattresses in the street and got a feel for the school environment. One only hope that I was the only prospective employee that engaged with the local community today.

Onto running matters now and I must doff my cap to the legendary Immune who ran the Thames Trot in 7 hours 23 today. He text me to say that his last 2 miles of the 50 mile run were 7.40 and 6.46! This is legendary status and I have a feeling that an ultra soon will be won by my good buddy, and deservedly so. Looking at his weekly stats.....he seems to be on top form.

Lets hope the snow stays away and that we can all enjoy a Sunday Runday

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