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Friday, 25 February 2011

On the way

On way to CP4, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

7.02 miles yesterday along the Capital Ring Green Chain picked up after running from Tooting Broadway back to home. The first couple of miles were busy with pedestrians and then it was hilly, Streatham Common, Beulah Hill, Knights Hill and then along the Parae of Crystal Palace and back through CP Park home. George and I actually ran through parkland that neither of us knew existed, but agreed that it would be a bit dodgy after sunset!

Although the run was a bit stop-start for me, and I know a possible frustration for George (training for the VLM) it felt shit for the run but the endorphins kicked in afterwards, especially with a plate of seafood linguine and glass of red wine. That's 20 miles for the week and Mrs UB and I are going to have a go at part-circumnavigation of the island, dependent on the quality of the leg after a day of paining and chopping down trees in the garden.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Return of the UltraBobban

Approach to CP3, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

I thought that it would be entirely appropraite to include a correspondence between myself and Mr Immune for this blog entry.


further to our earlier texts, I am on the mend and am keen to get back into the fold. SDM looks like a good opportunity, I have to think about fitness before even signing up for this. Fitness is not about the miles, but following my all clear, is the operation to take out ALL of the metalwork. I have healed completely but the metalwork is impeding my performance and I have in the words of our new club record holder at half marathon, my heavy drinking buddy Tappo (77 mins!! for 13.1 miles!!) I look like Jeremy Beadle in terms of one limb being bigger than the other.

If all goes well, i will need to take another 2-3 weeks off and then off we go. there are 3 things that I need to be able to get to marathon fitness again. Number 1 is confidence. I crap myself even running off a kerb right now.

2. VO2 is shot to bits. I struggled for breath up a 1 mile incline to Crystal palace, 125m high in 10 min miles.

3. musculature. I have a nicely re-developed right quad, from cycling, swimming and cross training, but my gastrocnemius and soleus are somewhat skinny, along the lines of half of the width of my left. The development of the muscle is having a negative impact on my pronation, which is more akin to a caveman dragging a huge club.

Aside from that, I'll see you on the startline of the SDM, or if earlier, the 1st Richmond Park Marathon, or if the recovery goes well.......3 Forts Marathon.

hope the training is going well. You look so on form it is untrue. I am expecting a top 10 finish from you soon.

Catch up for a run soon buddy. I will be able to run with you on the big one for the 104 this april, if only for a bit of it. You will not have been missing my whittering and muttering but wou will have been missing those PMA moments during the ultras. Don't worry big man, I'll be crewing and running. Cider soon

Thinking about food

I think I'll have the Curry, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

Sometimes it is the smallest things that make you smile. I've had a big smile on my face this last 2 days.

Half term....less stress.
Hospital appointment......all clear to run!
Appointment in the next month to take out ALL of the metalwork

And the running began in earnest on Monday. I ran my first hilly route of 5.33 miles around Crystal Palace and although a few stops were required to adjust the Aircast and to get my breath back (note - VO2 max is as low as when I first started running in 2005!) but it felt great.

I thought I would need a few days off but rather than driving to the club, I decided to run. This was the first run from my new house, 3.13 miles away from the club. I was nervous to say the least, but fortunately for me, I spied Richard about to set off up Crystal Palace Park Road and we ran together to the club. I did the bridge run and then back home....totalling 7 miles. I know I need to take it easy and I was totally knackered afterwards but welcome home!!!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Mixing it up

Bass Man, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

It has been just over a week since I put on the Garmin, the OMM jacket and the Asics Cumulus 12s and started to run again. I probably look a bit odd, trundling around at a limited pace in my usual running gear, but life is just too short.

I managed almost 12 miles in 4 outings last week and I ran 5k at the running club last night and to the gym and back with an hour on the cross trainer in between. The disparity in my leg musculature is marked and I will no doubt have buggered up the Asics but at least I am out there. The trouble is, I can't get enough pace to get out of breath and increase my VO2 max yet but it is still early days. I am thinking of having a couple of days recovery and then attempting a 4 mile run by the weekend. I have got my pace down to about 10.30s but am rather frightened to push it any further. Pain and lack of a true running gait are preventing this at the current time.

A summer ultra could be on the cards!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Happy or relieved?

Off-centre Swirl, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

I'm not sure how to describe this feeling. I have just got back from a run. yes a run. After the cast came off 3 weeks ago following the triple break, I have just been out for a run.

What an odd feeling. Something made me get home from work and throw on running gear and go out. OK, I dressed warm as I was going to be slow. mobile phone in pocket and off I tentatively went. It all felt good and then I decided to stop on 0.19 miles......just for a flight check. And off again. Mrs UB came home and I asked her if she would acompany me for a lap of the park down the road. There we have it. 2 runs in succession, albeit slow; 5.07km in 39 mins. 13ish min miles. I had hoped to cover about half a mile, so am pleased, but feel odd, like I can't believe it has happened! Not that I am complaining!