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Wednesday, 14 December 2016


As one approached the end of the year there comes that natural time for reflection. An excellent start to the year with the Tanners, Dymchurch and then my very first ever Ultramarathon win at the Midnight Ultra 33 mile race down in Kent. An exceptionally muddy course and an awesome course record by 21 never to be beaten as RD Mike Inkster has hung up his boots and the race no longer exists in this format........Followed by a sketchy 45miler the following week at St Peters Way, where I blew up in the last 4 miles...then it was a down hill trail all the way through the summer with a drop down to 6 hour challenge from the 100. That was the low point of the year, even though I technically won the 6 hour challenge. At the end of the summer after the worst marathon I have ever done (organisation and boredom) at the Not the Rio Marathon, it was time for a change.

Mid September I opted for a coach and who better than ulramarathoner and women's 100k National team runner and professional coach, Gemma Carter Since then I have had a steady increase in form and a removal of almost all 'junk miles'. Working a 50-60 hour wek in school and with a toddler and a new baby, training has been tough, so I have had to make it count. Diet has significantly improved and the training is starting to pay off. The mental toughness is coming back after a couple of lousy DNFs and a loss of mojo.

I am looking forward to 2017 already. Stronger and faster and more mentally prepared I am already looking forward to a few races:

  • Winter Tanners 30 mile
  • St Peters Way 45 mile
  • Liverpool to Manchester 50 mile
  • UK ultra championships 85 mile - Ridgeway (to vanquish the demons of 2015)
  • High Weald 50k
  • Welsh 3000s (15 3000 ft peaks in Snowdonia in one round)
but the key focus is the planning and preparation for 2018 which will be the Bob Graham Round which I am aiming to attempt in late July 2018. 

Base miles with strength and conditioning work whilst enjoying my training is the key to early season success. I think I will post a deeper review of the highs and lows of the year along with my stats towards Xmas. 

Bring on 2017!