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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Behind with my blogging

I'm a little behind with my blog.....

At some point in the near future I want to spend some time writing about the difference coaching is making to my training, my performance, positive metal attitude and overall good feeling about running. I have refound my mojo!

In the last 8 weeks or so I have run:

High Weald 50km (got seriously lost but had a good day out running and enjoyed the dace)
Ranscombe Challenge on the NDW - 2nd place in the marathon
Gatliff 50k (56 actually) - I ran a PB on the course by 1 hour and 21 mins, also 1 hr 38 mins faster than last I love this muddy race!

Updates and images to follow in the near future. 2 kids, lots on at work and a million other things to do before I update this.

78 marathons or beyond now.....

I have a bucket list for 2017 and then the big one in 2018......all will be revealed!