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Monday, 2 January 2017

End of 2016 and the start of 2017

Ending the year with a much better footing than the start of 2016, there are some challenges ahead. Most notably to get the work-life-kids balance right and this will allow me to get to grips with the increased focus on training both from running and from strength and conditioning. Utilising the run home from work is key to early base miles. Strength and conditioning work and a better diet and no alcohol in weeks leading up to key challenges is critical to this. Physical effort is part of the plan. Mental conditioning is equally important.  A big DNF in the summer with the Samphire 100 was a critical blow to my year, after winning the Midnight Challenge Ultra. It felt as bleak as the top of Dunkery Beacon on new year's day yesterday......

.....but that positive mindset needs to be nurtured back and a strong end to 2016 with 2nd place at Ranscombe and nearly 90 mins quicker than my 4 previous Gatliff marathons has got me focused on 2017. 2016 looked like this (Tanners certificate missing) and I want 2017 to be even better.

 I have my first 3 races in the diary and paid for. Next is the plans for getting to the lakes for 4 sessions this year for BGR preparation, but I also want to take on some personal challenges - including the Welsh 3000ft peaks in a day, plus a few other ideas that I have in my head that are not races but personal running challenges. Boosting my navigation skills and time on feet is important to this.

I'm 42 this spring and want to ensure that I keep my good health as I get older. I am lucky not to have had any significant injuries since breaking my leg in 2011. I want to build strength and a mindset to be able to go back to the Ridgeway 85 and smash it, then an 100 again and the Bob Graham in 2018. 

No pathway is ever an easy one when you build in physical and mental goals, especially when failure has happened in the past. Turning this into a positive mental mindset and physical approach is the key to peaking at the right time.