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Thursday, 30 June 2011

1000km for the year so far

Note to self.......Year began in late Feb. Year began with tentative dropping of crutches and trying to run to the end of the road. Then it all stopped again after I had the metalwork out. Actually it was 100km until march 31st and 900km since I am feeling happier than maybe a couple of months ago. Proof will be in the pudding when I don my shoes and attempt 50km. This pails into significance when I see the miles that Immune and Jezza put in but I am thining that 2012 is the year of the 100 milers. I am so excited! June......Jubilee 100mile. Starts in Olympic Park and joins the GBR route round to Windsor. Bring on the cider!!!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Round the Island runner

Round the Island runner by ultraBobban
Round the Island runner, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

Mrs UB has been running again. A PB in parkrun and the London Summer League race in Harrow. I am most impressed at 2 runs in 2 days.

My own endeavours were truncated with a weekend away working in Nottingham. I packed enough gear for 3 runs and set off 3 hours early so that I could get a big run in, up to the hills North West of Nottingham. I arrived back late on sunday and the unused gear went straight back in the drawer. A tired monday 7 miler was counterbalanced with an early finish at work on tuesday, meaning I was home just after 6 and enjoyed a 19 mile run.

I decided against the club run and donned backpack and braved the impending rain and thunderstorm. I ran to London's highest point, Shooters Hill, followed by a traverse of the A2 down to Bromley and back home. 1.1l of fluid and a packet of sweets was all I consumed. I felt more "slow burn" ultra than I had felt in ages. My last mile was a euphoric 7.20s.

After a 9 mile recovery hilly run tonight including a stop at Eric's for a chat, I feel fine and am now getting ready for the Fairlands Valley 50km in 3 weeks.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Cider Heaven

Well it is not usual for me to pass on a Sunday LSR, but with the best cider known to man procured on a Saturday afternoon, Sunday Runday was all but written off. 99km for the week, a parkrun PB on saturday follwed by a nice easy 11 mile hilly run up South London's biggest climbs, relentlessly going up, down, up down and up again. Crystal Palace Hill, Anerley Hill, Gypsy Hill, Forest Hill, Dulwich and Sydenham Woods and then back home. The Garmin read something like 1500 ft ascent as I did each hill in the early morning as MRs UB and Penny went for a coffee. A sunday spent doing more mundane tasks like looking after the vegetable garden and some blasting round the countryside with the roof off the car was more of a pull than a 20 miler. Having said, I still managed a brisk evening run through the parks of SE26,21, 23 and 19. A work filled week will not see me emulate a 60+ week but will at least see more miles ready for Fairlands valley ultra in a few weeks

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Rusty, but improving

Rusty Camper by ultraBobban
Rusty Camper, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

I feel a bit rusty with the increase in miles. The 10% rule has gone out of the window and I hope that my muscle memory will help me out as an old friend would. I am at 51 miles for the week so far and there is the outside chance that I can get a sneaky place in the Picnic marathon. Failing that I'll either have my LSR on saturday morning and do 20, or possible join Mrs UB on Parkrun and slog my guts out for a hilly 5km preceeded by a run there, preceeded by a large strong coffee and a bacon, egg, mushroom and tomato butty courtesy of my other old friend Mr Giant Fridge. If all goes well then I will follow this with a couple of bottles of the free stuff at Parkrun and then I'll knock off a couple of hours slow run down to the Thames and along up to Greenwich and back up via Shooters Hill (tallest hill in Inner London...closely followed by Palace).

I have been toying with the idea of getting a bike too. I must be mad. It is an investment but I know it will be a good one. Hybrid mountain bike/road beast or pure thoroughbred racing bike. I really am not sure as I am not the smallest of people at 6ft2, and there is a 600ft ascent up the chalky outer rim of the London basin to the highest point in London overall, Biggin Hill. Answers on a postcard please.

Monday, 13 June 2011

arse kicking

It's not everyday in a good field of runners that your mate and hardcore drinking chum aka running buddy Tappo came 5th in the Eltham Park 5. Pissing rain and a XC course with twists and turns and he still knocks out a 28 min run. My pb is 31.59, which in comparison is a bit slow. However, this run was the turning point in my training. After a severe hangover that started in Nottingham and continued in transit, ending up at home with a takeaway and more wine. Never mix the grape and the grain!

The turning point was my sub 8s 9 mile run to the start and then in the wet, mud and rain, a creditable 37.07 5 miler; this being the fastest I have run since breaking my leg. Not deterred, I knocked out a nice 11 mile run straight after work today. No pain, slight stiffness.

I have been nagging the runners world site for a place in the Picnic marathon this weekend. I feel ready. I doubt I will get a place as it is as full as of last week. Work committments over the next 6 out of 10 weekends are limiting me to Fairlands valley Ultra as my first foiree over 26 miles. This has been a time I have been anticipating; relishing and I will savour the finish line and remember the day for the rest of my life when I once again become an ultra runner.

Then I can kick arse.

Friday, 3 June 2011

50 miles and then some

51 miles this week, with 8 day running total at 65 miles. Lots of niggles though. Inside heel, outside of tibia, swelling. Never good. However it pails into insignificance compared to the chaps and chapesses on the GUCR, the UKs longest ultra. Comiseration to Jezza who pulled out with a gigantic and bulbous blister. Well done to George who completed the even in 43 hours and special well done to Claire who not only completed in 30 hours but was 1st lady and 3rd overall! Amazing considering that 18 months ago she was running the C2C, her first Ultra! Can't wait to have a chat with you down the gym to get all the news. Brilliant!