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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Ice, cold and a cancellation?

Essex day 2 and the ITB is feeling great. The issue of the yearly hommage to the WBD5 looks in jeopardy though, having finally decided to run this, despite needing to get to Gatwick by 1pm to pick up friends and drive to Snowdonia, it looks likely to be called off.

The temp has nudged above 0 degrees today for a few hours but the pavements and in particular, ungritted side roads, are trecherous. I nearly came a cropper picking up the delicious Xmas supplies from the butcher on Mersea Island, wearing walking boots. Suffolk Punch said that if the lead cyclist can't get round, the race won't go ahead. I can't see it as it is down country lanes and farm tracks, all concrete and these will be icy. Other than a thaw, I think the pitch inspection will reveal that ice has stopped play. Not worth a season on the sidelines for a non-pb and possibly dental treatment if I slip the wrong way. However, at this time I must mention that the Witham Boxing Day 5 is one of the best organised races I have been to. Great t-shirts and fun, despite the stentorian farting and smell of sprouts and yesterday's alcohol. Pity.

Some XC training on the beach in the morning. -2 at 6.00am according to the bods so will be good shorts and t-shirt weather for a round the island sand run (tide is out so should have fun)

Monday, 21 December 2009

well the IT band is proving to be hurting less than the other day and I am feeling in better spirits for the run up Snowdon, although am thinking Cader Idris might be another option as it is near to where we are staying for New Year. Anyhow it will be good practice and great for the constitution.

Moreover, I am digesting the discussions on runners world surrounding the GB country to Capital mile race in January. Trail shoes or Road shoes? The first 18 miles is alledgedly hilly, wet and muddy. The final 27 miles are on a canal tow path into London.

there are lots of other viewpoints but I guess I will make up my mind on the day. I usually mess it up in trail shoes on the North Downs Run as it rained 3 days before but was dry as a bone on the day in June. Ouch. Or too many layers at this years Doyen. 3 wicking tops? must have been mad. At least I didn't do a Gordon Ramsey and dump a top in the first 2 miles of a race as in Hellrunner 2009. I guess he can afford it though.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Doyen of the Downs

2 weeks since this fantastic event, of which I ran in 2008 and 2009....still one of my favourite races.

luckily there is a you tube video of part of the event which goes some way to demonstrating the tough and muddy terrain that was encountered on the day. It was slower for me this year, as a group of us got lost for 2 miles and ended the day with the Garmin showing close to 32 miles. 5.02 put me in 41st spot, 17 mins slower than last year. It was bloody muddy though.

and I have some photos on

It was great to hook up in the Black Rabbit for a couple of ciders and a post match commentary from Jerry, George and Mike from Orpington Road Runners and also my running mate and superstar Jon Mackenzie. Old Mac is doing the MDS in the spring and he pipped me by just a few minutes as usual. Great to see Capricorn Sue and UltraFlynn (twice in a row on the finish line fella!)

However the ITB has surfaced as only my 3rd ever injury in the last couple of days. Never mind, I will be donning the XC waffles on tuesday and running around Mersea Island (13 miles) in the wind and snow for a spot of training rather than going to the running club ( and then it is to Snowdonia on boxing day arvo and there will be some good runners in our 14 strong party to gee me up Cader and Snowdon.

Reading Joss Naylor's biography I noted that he held the record for Snowdon in the 3 peaks challenge of 3560ft in 44 minutes and that was after Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis, all in 11 hours and 54 mins......not forgetting the 21 min descent! I don't think that with the speed restrictions and cameras on the roads that this feat will ever be repeated. The OS website says that a walk to the summit is a round 5 hours so will be pleased to run it in about 2 1/2 hours for the round trip.
Well sitting here setting this up with and ITB injury is far less fun than being outdoors, but at least it gets me thinking in the right direction. Shame really as I like running in the cold and snow and ice.

Hopefully the knee will be sorted for the Boxing Day 5 in Whitham, Essex, a sort of pilgrimage to pastures near to my parents and an excuse not to drink too much on Xmas day......more importantly, this is hampering my preparations for the GB Country to Capital 45.