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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Break for months

After a lovely 20 snow run on tuesday as work shut early due to snow I went down to the shops on weds eve after a short recovery run. 150 metres from the hous I slipped on the ice and something bizarre happened. I felt like I had passed out, all sweaty and hot but awoke on the pavement. As I attempted to get up my leg bent in the middle around about the bit that was hurting when I was lying on the floor and I went down again. Concious that I had twisted an ankle I hobled home but had to crawl on hands and knees. I sat up in the lounge of the new house Susie and I had bought 4 days prior to this moment. Susie in Malaysia at Chris and Penny's wedding I panicked and phoned Glen and Sue to take me to hospital but they were snowed in.

After a call to a cab firm I found myself passing out in the King's College Hospital A&E and was quickly taken to X-Ray and was administered painkillers. Morphine and a drip later I was flat out in a resus room and was told that I would need to stay over for an operation. I thought I had twisted an ankle but oddly, after a second set of X-Rays I had discovered I had a compound fracture of the distal tibia, fracture of the upper tibia and Maisonneuve (spiral) fracture of the fibila and ligament damage. 3 days later I left the fantastic nurses and consultants in the Matthew Whiting wing of Kings Hospital. Having had 4 titanium screws to bolt back together the tibia and 3 casts, one after another to hold together the shattered leg but with removals for a severed vein, I left hospital with the knowledge that I would at worst be on crutches for 6 months and at best 3-4 months.

I can't believe that after consideration for the SDW and NDW double 100 milers in July and August 2011 and some BGR recces, that I will be just coming back to walking by that time next year.

Next time I want to pop out for some garlic brea, a pizza and a bottle of wine, I will stay at home and wrap up warm.

There is only PMA in my head as for 2012 I am going to do 2 100 milers and aim for a top 20 at the Ridgeway UK ultra distance championships. Until then I must only dream. But dream I will......

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