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Monday, 13 December 2010

Pinned Down

X-Ray of tibia, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

Well I finally had my second appointment at King's College Hospital in Denmark Hill, London today. This is the internal outcome. The consultant stated that the bones have meshed together well and it is unlikely that I will need another operation as yet. The maisonneuve fracture of the fibula will heal naturally.

There was a lot of blood loss at the time of operation to cast 3 (the orange one) and this was highlighed when the cast came off, my foot was sat in a pool of dried blood which took the nurse some 20 minutes to clean off. Some of the pain I was experiencing over the last few days was due to skin deterioration being next to wet dressings, some due to shrinkage within the cast due to swelling reduction and some due to lack of hardcore pain relief.

My next set of x-rays are on 10th January. No weight-bearing until this date and with some intensive physio needed between then and the next few months, I think I will be running possibly between easter and the summer.

There are some obvious things I miss. Getting out to run 50 miles a week being the major one, but work, standing up to cook, going to the pub, even getting out of the house. I am working a few hours a day via email but it is really slow going owing to the painkillers monging me out.

Still, I read Dave Immune clocked a 3.18 marathon. Wow! The guy is literally....Immune!

I think for me, the idea of a marathon this year is fanciful, and I need to just get back on my feet before I start making plans. The quadricep muscle after 12 days of non-use has virtually disappeared. However, the pectorals, with the use of the crutches are firming up. Lets look on the bright side!

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