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Friday, 24 December 2010

fracture details

Having spent the last 3 weeks explaining it in "laymans" terms I thought I would demonstrate the nature of the injury. It is known on my medical records from my consultant as a Weber C Fracture. This constitutes 2 fractures to the tibia, one further down, on the ankle joint to the medial (inside) and a 2nd fracture to the tibia further up and to the distal part of the joint. Finally the maisoneurve fracture to the fibula.

This has a great diagram, although my fib is fractured some 25-30cm higher than on the diagram.

I am awaiting feedback from the physiotherapists to assist in my rehab programme. However I am picking through the small crumbs of comfort that I am spending 30 mins a day on core and upper body exercises. One must not break into a sweat as the cast will start to smell!

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