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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Exercise Bike and XTrainer

I have bowed to the inevitable and purchased a X-trainer and exercise bike. Something more advanced than in the picture but necessary all the same. 4 weeks since the accident I have kept morale high and endeavoured to keep a semblance of fitness. It has been a week since the spreadsheet started and I have walked another mile on crutches today, completed arm curls, crunches, reverse crunches, a style of press ups that furnish me with arm exercise but does nothing to hinder the leg (imagine knee style-press ups) and have been using every excuse to take the stairs, managing approx 150 a day.

Because of all of this, my upper body resemles something around 6 years ago, many months after joining the gym. Now if Mohammed will not travel to the the saying goes......then I shall have an XT machine. It is possibly the only thing to keep me sane.

In addition, the more I research, the more I get excited about the rehabilitation process. Learning to walk, thinking about running. When the cast comes off I shall furnish you with pictures of my withered quad. Once mighty, burning through the miles of trail at the UK ultra championships, now is a body double for C Montgomery Burns. Years to build, 4 weeks to disappear into the ether.........

It will come back. Stronger. Merry Xmas all ultra marathoners, running bloggers and runners of all shape, size, fast or slow. My hat goes off to you and hopefully I shall join you once more. Pounding the streeets.


  1. Hi Rob. I know I usually give you a hard time, but just wanted to say how impressed I am at your positive attitude. Keep it up mate, you're an inspiration. Cheryl x

  2. cheers Cheryl. See you at the New Year party!!!