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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Witham Boxing Day 5 cancelled again

crystal palace park in snow, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

This is the second year in a row. OK us XC and fell runners would laugh at the mere thought but this is a road race and there are a lot of fun runners too. I think it is best that it is cancelled bearing in mind the roads. That means I will not have missed one since 2006 since I can't run it this year! Not that I am selfish.

It does call into question some of the events that are run though. Unless there is a problem for competitors getting to the event, closed roads/trains not running then I think that events, particularly XC adventures, should always go ahead, especially when competitors have trained and are ready for the event. Culture thesedays so often tends towards the "where there is a blame there is a claim" when the unprepared or undertrained competitor gets injured, but seasoned marathoners and ultra-runners often brave sub-zero conditions and trecherous highways and byways. The only drawback is that of being a marshall. Standing in the cold for hours on end is perhaps the most thankless task of the day. I raise a Christmas glass to all marshalls everywhere who tolerate terrible conditions for the love of the sport. Here's to you! Here's to seeing you at the Witham Boxing Day race next year!

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