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Friday, 24 December 2010


There ar 2 types of support; mental and physical.

I am thankful for the former and researching the latter. I have had tremendous support and many visits, lifts, cards, cider and wine from friends and well-wishers during my tenure at broken leg-ville, to which I am eternally grateful and will never forget. I can never thank you enough.

The latter is about what to do when I am out of cast. I have spent the morning emailing Physiotherapists in order to find the best support for my rehabilitation process. It feels groovy when we plan the future. Always looking forward, whilst never forgetting (but not dwelling on) the past. We learn from our mistakes and take the necessary steps to find the best path forward. One step at a time. Hopefully one step with an ankle brace!


  1. Rob

    Good luck mate - hope you have a great Christmas.

    Best wishes

    Tom P

  2. cheers Poynton. Most appreciated!