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Tuesday, 21 December 2010


I used no fluids or gels to get to the shops and back but I managed 1.2 miles on the crutches in the snow and ice. Sweat-wise, I managed to lose more than in the traditional 10 miler on a tuesday afternoon, although I had opted for old running t-shirt cotton wear with a woollen outer layer, scarf, hat and single Karrimor Walking boot. I have the feeling that I was carrying unnecessary mass. Wicking fabrics would have rendered me frozen in -3 degrees conditions.

I intended the return leg to be a negative split but had not factored in a reduction in temperature, rendering the slush to form ice, fatigue and a really heavy rucksack full of cider and other Xmas goodies, totalling about 20kg.

The Garmin stated that I was doing 50 minute miles but I have looked through the manual and can find no evidence of an "on crutches" sport option. I have since contacted Garmin who have stated clearly that they do not intend to bring out a watch with that feature, which I replied was a shame. There might be only a tiny market in ultramarathon GPS watches, but I replied that there was a growing market in ultra-crutch racing. The response surprised me and is utterly unprintable.

The recovery includes apple-based rehydration

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  1. Having been on crutches earlier on this year I can totally empathise with you Rob. I loved the

    no evidence of an "on crutches" sport option

    SSSooo true but the benefits are you are working your core muscles and will have forearms like Popeye very soon.

    My wife won't let me take the crutches back as she knows I will use them again at some stage!!!!, Let's hope you won't in the future