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Thursday, 8 March 2012

All good

bobban action by ultraBobban
bobban action, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

I was worried on Monday as the quads were equivalent to a minced up pile of carpaccio. I ran the club monthly handicap, letting the last few fast boys motor past and had a jog round with Spen. I say jog round......we were having a chit-chat about the race on Sunday and a general catch up, I didn't really look at the watch but bearing in mind we were so mashed up after the weekend (perhaps exacerbated by the 40mph shunt and car write off on the way home) but I felt as stiff as a vicar at a choir-boy convention.......however, a 7.30s round was better than expected....but no records were broken!

Tonight was a nice opportunity to catch up with George and also say hi to the wonderful Astrid and their amazing new girl Joanne. I had a cold and was a bit sweaty and she had just bathed, so I did not want to darken her clean constitution. She has grown massively and looks a bit like Dad already. As we left she was kicking her legs with such aplomb that we should have taken her for some fartlek!

Anyway a great catch up with the man himself and a nice round 9s in warmer climes than over the last week. We spent some time trying to navigate part of the river that we had not done before, with some success. I am on course for 100km this week and there were no niggles or issues tonight......If I had got back from work an hour earlier, that distance would have not far been doubled

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