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Monday, 5 March 2012


glorious mud by ultraBobban
glorious mud, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

If only the mud was this easy to negotiate, life would be easy! Recovery run of 5.5 easy undulating miles to checkout for any niggles tonight. All clear. Ill be doing 16 miles tomorrow which would have happened tonight had I not been sorting out the mess from the idiot that drove into our car at speed on the way home from the marathon yesterday. No tax, no seatbelt...the fella ended up sustaining injuries that took him to hospital without the utterance of a word in my direction. Dear reader you will hopefully understand that within half a mile of my house the endorphin bliss of a hard run hilly marathon was punctuated by the irresponsibility of a driver way over the speed limit without the necessary skills to stop at a pelican crossing in a 30 zone. When the ambulance carted him away, they asked whether we were ok? Yes we are all very stiff and cold....but we are not sure if this is from the whiplash or from the marathon.

Anyway my run passed off with no niggles.

My original thoughts were of the heros of the TP100 as Jezza achieved his first 100 belt at 27 hrs and Dave Immune an amazing 22 hours. reading Jerry's blog was just awe inspiring, particularly as they stopped the race owing to 2 hospitalisations due to hypothermia. I'm glad my 100 is in June but am now thinking the hills, not the weather will be my nemesis.

Hats off to the chaps and it is high time we caught up for a cider. I am the only non-centurian in the team and I have a lot of catching up to do!

I'm heading to territoire locale next for an LDWA event in 2 weeks. After that, Easter, and I have a couple of may include a self nav return from Brighton, or maybe a longer ultra over the bank holiday.

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