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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Taking the piss

Public inconvenience by ultraBobban
Public inconvenience, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

Work is taking the piss at the moment; it seems to be for both me and Mrs UB too. Fitting in the all important work-life balance with a nice cup of tea and a sit down has taken a dive down the swanny.

Take this week for example. All ready to up to 100km weeks for the next 3 weeks, then 110, 120 by Easter and I am thwarted by 16 hour days and a whole host of small spanners (time consuming ones if you get my drift) in the works; things that slow everything down.

That aside, I have managed 52km in 3 very truncated evenings. Dinner last night was a hastily cooked pasta at 11.30pm. After my run, I found myself to be the only person in the entire supermarket.......and I was soooo tempted by saturated trans-fat additive shite but I relented and purchased fruit for lunch this week, mushrooms for my pasta and a cheeky small bottle of cider.

Life has got to take a turn for the better in terms of work. I've got training to do!

With a big inspection at school tomorrow and Friday, I am prickly with excitement and trepidation but what more to cool the senses than a 20km run tomorrow night. Hopefully I'll get out at a decent time and be able to run. At least tonight I was able to catch up with the mighty man himself; Eric. Eric has been injured for a while and is on comeback highway. Not too fast I hope as sometimes he pushes too hard and goes back to square 1. Luckily tonight we had a Dulwich Dawdle and caught up on, photography, running.......brilliant. I felt...for a while; human again!

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