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Monday, 26 March 2012

Not the Sevenoaks 50km race report!

Readers who check out my blog for race reports might be disappointed to find that there is not one for the Sevenoaks Circular yesterday and the picture probably paints a thousand words!

After arriving home on Friday I could barely speak, my throat was swollen. Not even my very first Friday night in the pub in 2012 (yes! believe it dear reader!!) with a few ciders in the new and funky Sylvan Post in Forest Hill could lubricate my engorged lymph glands and husky voice.

I decided to take saturday easy and not run, making an ill end to a good strong week. Painting and DIY and plenty of rest, followed by a hearty meal and I was half ready for the run. Sunday ensued and within 3 seconds of the alarm going off at 5.30, I was back in bed and enjoying a Sunday lie in.

Later than morning, after bacon butty and much coffee, I decided on a full traverse of all of the spurs of the Norwood Ridge, the highest part of South London at 370ft above sea level. I never veered far from home as much coughing might force me to retire to deliver green balls of my lung mucus to the streets and gutters of our fair city. It was a chance to do this small "round" and I lay first claim to it, having googled and found nothing. I have a route marked on my Garmin and will publish as a "challenge"

The route was 28km, although I do believe now, after lloking on the map that there is a small dip at the Horniman museum which rises again to One Tree Hill, down to the Rye at Peckham and back up to Nunhead Cemetary. if this is the case, I think the route will increase to about 35km. I did find the sources of the River Pool, River Peck and the River Effra, all of which flow in some way, into the Thames.

MRs UB joined me for the last couple of spurs, chiefly around Dulwich and Sydenham Woods and Forest Hill. This was ace as we had much banter as we have not run together for 3 weeks.

My throat was improving and just perfect timing as we had been invited to the great East Dulwich bake off, by Gillian from the running club....purveyor of the finest cakes known to any runner. Jezza will recall the flapjacks with cranberry and macadamia that were used as nourishment on the Ridgeway!

So after a hearty sit down lunch and plenty of cake, it was back to chez UB for relaxation.

So this is not the Sevenoaks Circular race report, but I am reporting a full belly and will be publishing a list of the 8 marathons and ultras I will be competing in over the next 90 days in prep for the SDW100

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  1. We were running for the first hour looking over our shoulders and after a while we realised that you were not coming. We were disappointed with your non-attendance but it meant more food and drink for us.
    Hope you get well soon