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Monday, 19 March 2012

Sunny daze

Helianthus by ultraBobban
Helianthus, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

I expected today to be horrible. It went well. I woke up to the sunshine blazing through the shutters. Normally I am up at the crack of dawn and usually before dawn's crack. this morning a sultry lie in until 6.45am as I had a job interview mid morning onwards.

The day went OK, I left kicking myself that i didn't say this, didn't say that, so I put my thoughts together in an email and whizzed it straight to the executive head who interviewed me before my tube went below ground. It seemed to have worked, one imagines, as I have a second interview next week.

Having finished nice and early, I made about sorting out the house and then going for a nice run. The air had gone nippy but the sun was still bouncing over London, reflected by the nearly complete Shard.

I made this a hilly and XC run, taking in CP park, Dulwich and Sydenham Woods and Dulwich Park, with all of the jitties, gennels, snickets and back alleys I could find. As I returned home and the Garmin beeped for the 12th mile I felt good to be a South Londoner, blasting through the streets and parks of our fair city. Even more pleasing was the lack of pain from the metatarsal, save for some minor lacing adjustments at 7 miles.....thanks to Spenser for the text earlier in the day. I got in, having done a bit of shopping for milk and juice with the fiver in my pocket and had there not been a pile of washing up, washing to get in and sort and some evening admin to do, I would have happily gone out for another hour.

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