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Saturday, 17 March 2012


I've been scuttling along of late. Late from work. The possibility of a fracture of the first metatarsal...but I'm too busy to go to A&E for an x-ray as I don't have a spare 6 hours in the week. I think this was a Stinger injury from the marathon the week before but who knows. It is nothing to do with my leg break last year as thankfully, it is the other leg! If it is a fracture, it is small. It hurts to tie laces tight but loose laces are OK.

I ran B2B Tuesday and Weds with some serious mileage but am taking it easy until tomorrow. Hopefully a few days off will allow me to return gently tomorrow. Mrs UB and I are going to the North Downs Way for an LSR. I will have a gentle week and all should be good for the Sevenoaks Circular 30 mile race next Sunday.

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  1. Rob, sorry to hear about the metatarsal, I had that a year or so back and was told "Stop being a big wuss, rub some mud in it and get on running" I suggest the same to you :-)
    Seriously though, would you be interested in a night(ish) run on the NDW on 31/3 from Knockholt with a few ultrabuddies?