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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What lies around he corner....The MASTERPLAN

into the fuschia by ultraBobban
into the fuschia, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

So the plans are now beginning; the wheels are in motion and it is now about getting the races and runs under my belt.

I am joining the HEROS on Saturday to run 16 night miles on the North Downs Way. I hear there is cider involved at somewhere past the half way point. Excited!

That should end what homes to be about a 90km week, all being well.

There is a potential outside chance for the Compton Downland 40 on Sat 7th April

but the rest is as is laid out below:

15th April: Essex Challenges 27

a couple of weeks of South London miles, upping to 100km+ weeks.

May 5th Bewl Water Marathon
May 6th 3 Forts Marathon 27

May 12th Orpington marathon (not sure about this but it's close and cheap!)
Possibly the Halstead marathon on the sunday

May 19th and 20th is Green Belt Relay so I will be going out in the DPR elite team

May 26th; Chiltern Challenges 27, followed by an awesome Eurovision party where we always have a mental time and get a bit tipsy!

Stag do the next weekend (that is my stag do......we are going shooting, horse racing and then getting seriously tipsy)

June 9th Salomon South Downs Marathon

running in Cornwall as at a wedding

Round the Island half as a taper on 23rd June....

then the week after is the big one...103 miles.

So.....possibly an LDWA event if there is anything going. I have seen a 40 miler on the ridgeway.......

Wooo wooo! Bring on the miles!

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