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Monday, 27 July 2020

Coronavirus update

So it's been a while. I have been doing a lot of running but around work and looking after the kids during lockdown but I have done some of the virtual challenges and some personal challenges too.

1. Centurion 100. 17 hours 19 mins and 59 seconds.

A huge amount of hills and new terrain on this event. I had the opportunity to do this over school half term.....all in the morning before 9am as that's when Sue started work from home each day. Audrey cycled on a couple of days while I ran. A nice explore over to Rotherfield and Crowborough and some new trail over on Eridge Park public footpaths.

2. Tunbridge Wells Circular. 28.5 mile route.

We were going to aim for an FKT but it turns out that as I was posting it, some geezer did the same 10 mins faster. We did this as a very social run with Any Eames and Richard Carter from Tunbridge Wells Harriers, meeting family along the way at 4 stops for 10 mins per stop. 5 hrs 49 mins. I was doing this fresh off the back of  the 100 and was compromised. I had a tight hamstring. It was a slow run for me. This needs a good repeat as with some work we can get this down by an hour and 20. Too many are doing FKTs right now!!!


Another Centurion event. 90 miles. 16000ft. I found some new found resolve with the hills after hill reps in 24 degree heat. Lots of lovely folk running for altitude only. I did not want to do stairs like many folk. So it was finding hills like the lovely Nunnery Lane. Oh how I love that 20% hill for 400m. Wow. Calves like a Trojan!!

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