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Sunday, 15 August 2010

It's a long and winding road but the end of part 2 is in sight

Hardknott Pass winding road, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

It's been a funny old week.

As weeks go, it has been OK, but funny. Part 2 or the year is nearly over. Challenge 2; the Ridgeway is almost upon me and I am feeling nervous and excited. Good.

Ran to the Summer League last round today in Battersea. Only 6 miles to the start but did 8, before allowing the legend that is Steve Beard to draft me and in doing so knocked 4 minutes off his PB. 2 things are going on here. Steve is less fat than me and it was a windy day, hence him tucking in behind my massive arse. Secondly, the profanity that ensued was enough to put anyone off loving me, hence the wide berth that we were being given.

Hell, it was a chance to get a PB, something he was going to do and if I was going to run at 7.30s then I was going to make him suffer. 36.59 on a slightly long 5 mile course was 4.20 off his PB. What a star!

Anyway I was all up for running home and then I found the table with free Pimms. I had a few and then some quiche and peanuts ready for the run home. Ultra food I told everyone. Then the rock of the club that is Smithy the Chairwoman roped me into the relay. Great. A moment where I knew I was going to be a vomiter. Then this girl looked at me as if I was going to say hello? Who the hell was she? After the relay in which I ran for the B team in a very respectable 53 seconds (note; watch the crowds look on as I let the other competitors race off and I took last place so that none of the wiley characters could put pay to my Ridgeway challenge. Anyway a lollop around in a time that was good enough for second fastest in the A team.

Anyway, this girl comes over and it was none other than Serpie Claire who I ran with at the C2C in January. Being her first ultra, she was just utterly brill and finished a few mins ahead of me. She then reeled off a load of races that she had done and it was true that she was turning into a legend too.

Anyway I have an invite to the Hardmoors 110 in 2011 which I could take up. And we'll see her at the start of the Ridgeway too on the 12.00 Elite start....... and possibly not after that as she looks in fine fettle. As the start approaches, the long and winding road to the Ridgeway comes to a close.

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