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Monday, 30 August 2010

Ridgeway Race Report; CP7 to 8

Salisbury point to point, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

The have lots of Horse racing on the Downs, I told Dave, and recounted stories of gambling and horse racing and why I am not a fan of gambling. I am rubbish at it!

If we could see the downs, then they may have looked like this. However, we continued, up to some of the higher points on our journey. Rams Hill, White Horse Hill, Lammy Down, Uffington Hill and I recounted the history of the White Horse and Wayland's Smithy. We chatted with a couple of runners who caught and left us on this oppressive stage of the race. We looked down at the watch and we were close to 70 miles....and despair. All we had to look forward to was the next CP. We were pretty quiet now. Occasionally we discussed athletics. Mostly we were quiet. Moving forward. Slowly. I can't remember how many times we stopped for a piss. Both of us felt dehydrated but urine colour analysis proved otherwise. Nothing else to do but move forward. I popped an anti-inflamatory pill.

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