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Monday, 30 August 2010

Ridgeway Race Report; CP6 to CP7

broken, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

I have to admit that his pace quickened across the top of Bury Down but Dave appeared broken. Even the little piss take (East Ginge Down!!!) went down like a sack of shit and the little jokes and gee-ups were not working. There was no plan B. Plan A was to put one foot in front of the other and as quick as possible.

The relentless North Wessex Downs offered little in the way of anything to pass the time other than the red-topped masts that dotted the horizon and made you feel like you were on some night time treadmill going no where. We passed the point where Dave wa in new territory, over 57 miles. I tracked in front of Dave for long periods here, part trying to give myself a PMA and part from not letting any demons get inside my head and make me negative. The only solace was to count off the miles and to stop us from going to slow. Jezza had stated that 3 miles an hour at night across the hills would be good but that would have been too slow. We had to keep the pace up if we were to challenge for a sub 24 hour time. We were in dangerous territory here. Road crossing after cart track came and went and with some deft navigation, we apexed corners and made it to CP7. Dave was coming to the light at the end of the tunnel, but her wasn't there yet. I was in some form of madness/psychosis as the marshalls at CP7 thought I was mad. Coffee here (note to self; should have had sugar!) and a top up of water was needed. I couldn't face any food which was silly as I would need it too later as I was to find out.

Off we went

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