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Thursday, 26 August 2010

What will it look like on Sunday?

Hopefully this will be the picture. Feet up. Wine. Relax in a hot bath and chill.

It has been a big build up. I signed up on 3rd March but truly started training for this the moment I crossed the line of C2C. This week has been slow, with 40km completed in the dreaded taper. I have been to work a few times in my holiday (?!) and I have planned food bags, hydration and laminated the maps. We have conversed daily by email, weekly by phone and it feels like ages since I competed after 6 marathons and ultras in 12 weeks.

There is just 36 hours to go until the start of the Ridgeway challenge 2010. I have a couple of treats for the chaps on the journey. I think that the niggles are starting to iron themselves out and some carb loading is taking place. Kit checks tomorrow and medical kit and sartorial changes will be planned. Fruit will be purchased tomorrow. Then saturday morning it will be sandwich making, measuring out Nuun and Electrolyte/energy drinks will be made in labelled bottles.

All I can hope for now is to maintain PMA, charge the Garmin and get some good quality sleep.

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