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Monday, 30 August 2010

Ridgeway Race Report; CP4 to CP5

CP5 Goring food stop; 9pm, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

This was the longest stage of the day so far and we were keen to keep the pace high. I must admit that as we entered Grim's Ditch, a 5 mile long earthworks that I was feeling a little low. We had been running with Draconian One and Colin on and off for some time but something was bothering me. My arse! I was going to have to stop for a moment. relief! I bounded up to Dave who had kept running so I knocked off 1km at about 7.30s to reach him. Grimmer Ditch I thought.

It was surreal running along the earthwork thinking that some 2500 years ago many people had built this and we conversed about why they had done it. There was a lot of downhill on this stage and we made quick work of what seemed like over an hour of the ditch. Straight forward towards the River Thames and towards the halfway point. The light faded quickly and we ran walked along the thames watching parties and boats and big houses whicle we chatted as a group of 4. We picked up a couple of other runners as we left the Thames and it was now pitch black. Through the beautiful village of North Stoke and along pathways and roads towards Goring. I have a habit of speeding up towards checkpoints. Why? Perhaps to stay longer and organise, perhaps for the sweet thoughts of food and hot drinks. ANyway, I motored ahead of the group, leaving them for about 2 miles and to Goring, where my food was on the table before they arrived. Brilliant service from the marshalls and volunteers and thanks for my coffee, jacket potato with beens and cheese and homemade quiche!

Shoe change! Wow. Comfort from the buggered up old shoes. This was the 44 mile point and I was in need of fresh feet. This would be the last time we saw the crew until CP9 tomorrow morning, but at what time? Dave and I departed in total darkness with headtorches showing the way

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