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Monday, 30 August 2010

Ridgeway Race Report; CP3 to CP4

Of all of the legs of the race, I must admit that this one I think I remember the least for the terrain and the most for the people. It was a short leg by the standards as we had already done at least 2 from CP3 to the support crew car before. There were plenty of roads to cross and the trail led across golf courses and probably the most populated part of the journey. Lots of walkers and people were out and about in the afternoon. I spied Susie at a junction with camera in hand with Astid on support. Amazingly, Di and Dave from the running club were on hand to give support and encouragement. It made us feel like we had an extra 10% energy and with a quick 2 minute chat we were steaming along to CP4.

Then we hit some serious hill and valley territory. The last hill was unforgiving as the crew were shouting from the top but all runners were walking this one!! Up to CP4 at Swyncome, there was a tent, Di and Dave had joined the support crew for encouragement and also, Tim and Linda from the club who had biked up in their leathers! Wow! this was like another 10% boost! A cup of tea and a change of clothes to night wear. We were concerned that with the next leg being 12.5 miles that we would be in the dark and so we dumped the bottle belts and opted for rucksacks with extra food and headtorches. Both of us were feeling really good and kept up a good pace during this leg.

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