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Sunday, 22 August 2010

A mountain to climb

Scafell Massif, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

Immune said to me that he was bored shitless with his taper, or words to that effect on Friday. At least I remembered that he had telephoned me in the Southwark Tavern as I had just returned from the fabulous Borough Market with a face full of Bratwusrt and 6 pints of Aspall's Cyder in my bloodstream.

I fucking hate tapers. That is why I never do them. Dave is right. They suck. Each time I walk up the stairs or to the pub or the shops I think about a niggle in my knee, a stiffness in my achilles and a twinge in my back. For goodness sake I have been knocking out 130k week in week out and as soon as I stop, the mind games set in.

So the only thing to do was to go for a few pints with good friends and enjoy the taper. Enjoy might be the operative word as at the time it seems that but after a few hardcore ultra sessions and the local chippy getting more service from me in the wee small hours that I care to remember it is time to hang up the hangover. Admittedly in my gregarious state I have had a whale of a time and enjoyed company and many good beverages, at least 6 types of cider, coffee martini's and is time to get the brain and body focused on the task ahead. Ridgeway mode.

The entry list came through today and it is great to see so many friends running the route. I am more nervous about going back to school after the hols that the race.

Jezza has purchased new shoes and I am about to do the same. Asics gel cumulus 11 as they are the best shoe I have found for my feet and gait. In 16 marathons and ultras, not one blister and only 1 lost nail. And that might have been the inov8s anyway.

Sartorially I am nearly ready. More clothes changes that a presenter at the MTV awards and the team UltraBobban crew t-shirts which are chav-chic is a billy-bonus.

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