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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Don't pass up on a run

When you feel like not going out, all the more reason to go out. Especially when it is sunny. 20 miles yesterday morning was the order of the day as I was due to run the Chiltern Challenge. This LDWA event is run in Amersham so is undoubtedly hilly. The LDWA event was to be my 27 of the weekend but alas, Thursday evening I checked the website to find a NO RUNNERS message. I hope that the LDWA are not going to make a habit of this.....although I fear that they are. My last 2 experiences with them have been poor, although events like the Tanners and Gatliff are amazing and will continue to draw me to these self-nav events. It seems that a number of walkers have got the hump with runners.

With a mad rush round 3 barbeques and Eurovision party (yes indeedy! Sad but fun!) the social aspect of the weekend meant that my 9 miles this morning was at a lovely relaxed pace with the lard arse known as Beardo. Beard has now increased to a corpuscular 13.1 stone, which is significant, seen as he is only about 5ft7.

My training needs to up after a couple of dip weeks. I'm targetting at least 50 this week....which will include a Stag-tastic park run on Saturday morning. All I can say this space!

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