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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

There are only so many laps you can take!

You're going down Micra by ultraBobban
You're going down Micra, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

So I embarked on a sodden Tuesday evening run for charity at the Dulwich Festival. Last year I won a pair of trainers for my efforts so tonight, I entered the arena with a tiny amount of vigour to stave off the torrential rain. Note to self.....the waterproofness of the OMM is on the wane. Cuffs and arms seem to be at risk of being non-waterproof.

So wet it was that just a hardy bunch of the running club turned up. Far less than the 150 or so that ran last year. I was wet by the start and soon was wetter. After 5 laps with Rich, I grabbed George's buggy and pushed Jo was great to catch up with Georgie and have a practice at pushing a buggy.

11 laps later and with 15 miles on the Garmin, with the run there....I was soaked to the skin, getting cold and hungry. So I packed it in and went home. A slight niggle with my right IT band that I will need to get foam rollered, stretched and a massage on.

When will this wet weather end. It is getting me down!

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