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Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Super by ultraBobban
Super, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

What could be more relaxing than getting up on a bank holiday Morning and going for a 10k run with good buddy George? I ran over to his and was confronted with..."what do you want to do then?" "Hills" I said......"Only you would say that after the weekend you've had"

And so we set off, slow at first as it took me a few miles to stretch out the aches and pains. All was good by the end. Then it was off to scoff £140 of Dim Sum with the family in Chinatown in an all comers record of 33 minutes. Never have we been shouted at by waiting staff for ordering too much food to fit on the table! Legendary!

A return to work and some weariness was kept at bay with coffee and a constant supply of cake and fruit. Big Tuesday is always a stress and I was glad to see the end of the day and get on my kit to get to the club. I ran with my usual group for about 2 mins and then dropped off to pick up Lily, Tom H and Mrs UB's group. Take it easy I thought......all was good. The I let it go for the last mile and launched home in 5.51s to see what I had in the legs after 200km in under 2 weeks.


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