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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Size Matters

One thing is for certain. There is nothing like an ultra-runner to want to get things just-so. I've been a creature of comfort in my Helly Hansen with Salomon combo without a chafe or nipple bleed (sorry) in sight. As the summer attempts to break through the clouds and I head for the whole of the SDW, I have been searching for the ultimate ultra clothing. Stir into the mix that my Peregrines disintegrated on the weekend and my 26 mile training run the week before in the new New Balance made me think that they are at least 1/2 a size too small.

So......step in Customer Service. The Good the Bad and the Ugly. This is a tale of 3 companies.

The Good.

I emailed those fantastic chaps at Pete Bland Sports on Sunday night to let them know that the Peregrines that I had run the Double Trail marathon weekender had 2 large apertures in that were located front and side, rather than the holes for my feet to go in. None other than fell running legend Jon Broxap emailed me back with instructions to send back and a V2 pair of said Saucony would be in the post, as soon as they had ordered them in stock. If you haven't heard of Jon, may I suggest you have a little Google. Jon still holds the record for the Scottish Munros with 28 3,000ft climbs and 78 miles in 23 hours and enough time to down about 5 pints of cider before the 24hr cut off. Jon has also run the Bob Graham on a number of occasions so I might need to bend his email'd ear to consider my next challenge. I cast my mind back to the Wayne's World moment "We are not worthy"........Amazing.

The Bad.

Those likeable chaps at Likeys sent me midget gear in the post.

I had just ordered a new Montane top and it arrived, v quick......but it was small. As you know, my lithe 6ft 2 frame was no match for this. I will state though, that this is the best quality "feel" for a running top I have ever known to date. Get the bloody size right fellas. With no returns form, I have to pay for your mistake and hope that you reimburse me.

The Ugly.

New balance 1090v2 road shoes, purchased a couple of weeks ago. They need returning to New Balance. New Balance do not offer an exchange policy. Only. We will refund the money to your account upon receipt of the shoes and you can reorder. We do not offer an exchange service. Irritating.

So, having never had to return a single item of running gear this century, it is 3 in a week. Just like the proverbial bus.

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