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Friday, 25 May 2012

The heat is on!

It's not quite as warm as the day I climbed into the Grand Canyon. it was 38 degrees and 7,400ft above sea level so I was "sweating like a rapist" as I was doing my best to blend in with the locals.

It is not quite that hot yet but the wet 5 weeks has given us runners a false hope of a warm damp dawn that we can run off, despite getting wet. Now it is silly season. Idiots being as idiotic as they can with a few rays of sunshine. The smog has increased and the bloody flies stick to you when you run!

I'm just in from work and close to a salad and fish supper with a cider and possibly a glass of wine with some decent cheese later....I am planning a route for the morning which will include either.....a) Crystal palace park run and then some..... or b) DPR beginners 5 mile, plus a 3 mile run there....and then some. My plan is either to take my Oyster and run back from a very North or East London tube or run to London Bridge, rehydrate and jump on a train to Kent/Surrey and run back. Either way, a 30 mile hot run will ensue. There is not a marathon within 300 miles that is about nuts in May! I was due to run the LDWA Chiltern Challenge......but there are NO RUNNERS allowed in this event. Plonkers. Events like this will suffer without the support of us marathoners...So I am going alone. I've got plenty of thinking to do regarding the pedagogical practices of my lovely school. I have much to mull over vis-a-vis my wedding, we make hay whilst the sun shines.........and no doubt I will be building stamina for the SDW100 when it will be ultra-hot.

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