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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Seafood....and eat it

surf clams by ultraBobban
surf clams, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

I've had a penchant for seafood this week. Fishcakes, Smoked salmon, tuna. Must be a subliminal build up to the "double" this weekend. Milk too....and cheese.

I've had an extraordinarily busy week at work again. Arriving around 7am and getting home at 8 most days. Traffic willing, it is a 25 min drive so I'm not wasting too much time other than catching the start of the news on radio 4 at breakfast and the start of a footy match on 5 on the drive home. Tonight was no exception.

Perhaps I should have gone for a massage this week? My legs are tight after been run ragged on Tuesday at the club by Eric and Dave. I had a quick 5 miles this evening, mainly flat, mainly 7.30s.

After my debacle at Black Dog, I have succumbed to a salvo of gels to be stashed on my person on Saturday, with enough for Sunday too. I ran in 20th in 2010 at the 3FM and "hozzed" it round in 3hrs45 which is not too bad for a 27 miler with 3500ft of climb. If it were a flat, run, that would have probably been a 3.20 marathon! I'm not rushing on Sunday though. The important thing os to turn out on both days to get the legs turning over at a decent clip and then to have a nice 10 miler on Monday at slow pace to recover, followed by a nice long swim. Then some more delicacies from the deep briny.

Soul (sole) food!

I've worked hard this week.

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  1. Well done Rob, self-sufficient is the answer. I am on a See food diet as well...if I see it, I eat dum tish :-)