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Wednesday, 23 May 2012


After a weekend of a double marathon plus bank holiday recovery run, I thought it would take 2 weeks to recover...wrong.....back again running the next day towards a 100 mile week.

Running 6 min miles and less for periods over the GBR, I feel FUBAR'ed and with a cheeky little club 10 on Tuesday, I needed time off today.

I was due to be running the LDWA Chiltern Challenge on Saturday but the small print states.....NO RUNNERS!

So I am in a bit of limbo. Nothing going on so I might take to the Downs on Saturday for 30 miles, or take my tube pass to the Chilterns at Amersham and run home through London......much needed miles after my mini mid training taper. Just 2 marathons to go until the big 100.

I'm still glad that after the broken leg i can still mix it up with the best runners in London and come 7th in a race against sub 2.45 marathoners. My feet haven't touched the ground since the weekend!

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  1. Rest Rob....have a rest and get some strength back in your legs.